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Dr. Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center

Revisiting the Past


The Dr. Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center (DR. PJGMRMC) was first known as the Nueva Ecija Provincial Hospital. It was established under the Commonwealth Act 3114, as amended by Act 3168 and other Acts. It was opened to the public on December 15, 1930 with a capacity of thirty (30) beds. Dr. Facundo Esquivel became its first Chief of Hospital. The Honorable Exequiel Santos was the Provincial Governor then. In 1935 the maternity pavilion and the contagious pavilion were constructed from Crisostomo Estate funds and from national appropriation, respectively. These two additional buildings increased bed capacity to 75 beds.

In 1936, Dr. Elpidio Ysip became the Chief of Hospital. A new Nurses’ Home was built in 1939, enough to accommodate first year students in Nursing. On April 15, 1940, the School of Nursing of the Nueva Ecija Provincial Hospital was formally inaugurated with the First Lady, Mrs. Aurora Quezon and Mrs. Felipe Buencamino as prominent guests.

At the outbreak of World War II on December 8, 1941, the hospital staff, facilities, equipment and patients evacuated to Cabiao and with the advance of the Japanese invading forces, it was further transferred to Calumpit, Bulacan and finally to Sta. Maria of the same

province. The hospital eventually returned to Cabanatuan via Cabiao on January 19, 1942 and February 1942 following the defeat of USAFFE forces. Dr. Elpidio Ysip died and Dr. Semeon Teopaco succeeded him as Chief of Hospital in late 1942. During that time Japanese forces occupied one-half of the hospital. The Nursing School was also closed and the students went to Manila to continue their studies. On January 14, 1945, Cabanatuan was bombed by the returning American armies and the staff once again evacuated to Paludpod, Talavera. After the liberation of the Cabanatuan by the allied forces, the hospital resumed operations with the aid of the 19th Portable Hospital of the U.S. Army which donated medical supplies, equipments and medicines. Dr. Teopaco was relieved by Dr. Ceferino de Leon in March 1945. In the same year, the PCAU took over the operation and maintenance of the hospital under Dr. Walter Kline of PCAU No. 3 of the U.S. Army. The administration of the hospital was eventually returned to civilian authorities on July 1, 1945.

In December 1945, Dr. Arsenio Morales was appointed as Chief of Hospital and Dr. De Leon was transferred to Vigan, Ilocos Sur. A dispensary was constructed and inaugurated on May 10, 1948, together with two Quonset huts to house the administrative support offices and quarters for the attendants and helpers. In 1956, Dr. Cipriano Abaya replaced Dr. Arcenio Morales as Chief of Hospital. The hospital was in dire financial straits with only annual appropriation of P 201,650.00 which at the time could hardly meet operating expenses.

On May 23, 1957, Dr. Paulino J. Garcia, the then Honorable Secretary of Health, transferred Dr. Emiliano M. Perez, Sr. Chief of Hospital of the Negros Hospital to the Nueva Ecija Provincial Hospital. Upon his assumption to duty, Dr. Perez made giant steps to advance the mission and goal of the hospital. In 1958, the dining room and kitchen were remodeled; the dormitory was enlarged and in its first floor a social hall cum lecture and library was made. The Records Section was housed also in the first floor. Windows of the old original building were changed to steel and the units were re-arranged. In 1959, the old Maternity Building was demolished to give rise to the OB-Gyne Complex with a separate delivery room. Bed capacity was increased to 100 beds. In 1960, the old contagious pavilion was demolished and its site a new Surgical Department was established. Bed capacity further increased to125 beds.

From 1960, services were departmentalized into four major clinical departments: Medicine, Surgery, OB-Gyne, and Pediatrics. The X-Ray Department was also organized. Physicians selected to head the newly-formed departments were trained in their respective fields in Manila and abroad. The Nursing and Administrative services were also upgraded. In 1961, an annex to the Surgical Wards was completed. This became the First Pay Section. Bed capacity reached 150 beds. The hospital acquired teaching and training status in February 1961. Nursing schools in the vicinity started affiliating with the hospital. The budget was increased gradually from over P 200,000.00 in 1957 to P 819,291.20 in 1968. On July 28, 1968 laboratory was inaugurated with Dr. P.J. Garcia, the then Secretary of Health and the American Ambassador the Honorable Menen Williams as principal guests. In 1969, the medical technology students from Centro Escolar University started their affiliation with the hospital. Aside from the improvements of the physical plants, surgical and medical equipment were purchased from time to time, aside from those received from reparations, AID and UNICEP. In 1970, groundbreaking for new OPD was started which was completed in 1973. Since then, the ground floor has been occupied as OPD complex and the 2nd & 3rd floors have been occupied as medical wards for male and female). This amounted to P850,000.00. The opening of the OPD and private floor pay section increased the total bed capacity to 225 beds. Under Dr. Perez’s term also, RA 5141 authored by then Congressmen Angel Concepcion authorizing an increase of bed capacity of the hospital to 400 beds with concomitant necessary appropriations was passed. Unfortunately, the funds for the endeavor merely trickled in to reality effect the increase to 400 beds. Notably also this time, came the monumental passage of RA 6325 on May 4, 1971, authored by Congressmen Leopoldo Diaz and Angel Concepcion of the First and Second districts of Nueva Ecija, respectively and became into law on June 1, 1971. It converted the Nueva Ecija Provincial Hospital into a national hospital and known as the .Dr. Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center. By this law (RA6325) it provided for an appropriation of 500,000.00 pesos yearly as additional appropriation for operation and maintenance and 2 million for construction of new buildings.

With the passing of Dr. Perez into retirement went also the first golden period of the Medical Center. He was succeeded by Dr. Briccio Pobre, formerly of the Cagayan Provincial Hospital. An unsuccessful attempted transfer of the Physical plant to Caalibangbangan junction occurred at this time. (The site has been transformed into the Provincial jail). An interim OIC Chief of Hospital in the name of Dr Romeo Vergara took over the reins for two months in the latter half of 1978 until January 19, 1979 when Dr. Manuel Yambao took over.  Dr Yambao stayed for nearly seven and half years. The physical plant saw new additions in the transfer of the old Surgical Ward into new buildings at the east-end of the compound. The Medical ward occupied the old site of surgery. After a fire gutted the Men’s Dormitory, a new Director’s Cottage, an Administrative Officer Quarters and a new Men’s Dormitory emerged near Quimson Exit. In terms of manpower development, the four major clinical departments were upgraded by the recruitment of qualified specialists in the respective fields and be able to produce quality resident graduates in keeping with the DOH standards. The Department of EENT was organized. Ancillary Service in fields of Anesthesia, Radiology and Pathology were likewise upgraded. Also, in 1985 the Talavera Extension with 10 Beds was opened as the community outreach of the hospital. More nursing schools affiliated. UERMMMC Post-Graduate Interns started to affiliate in 1984 (up to 1987). Radiology technicians also started to affiliate with the Radiology Department. An ICU (Intensive Care Unit) was developed and equipped to handle Coronary and Neurological clinical care. With the onslaught of the EDSA revolution came change, not only in a national re-birth but also with local and regional re-shuffling of government personnel. The Ministry of Health/Department of Health was not exempt. Thus, on September 16, 1986, Dr. Manuel Yambao was transferred to the Tarlac Provincial Hospital and the then incumbent Nueva Ecija Provincial Health Officer became the 11th Chief of Hospital.

Dr. Benjamin V. Morales came at the time when most if not all hospital personnel expected changes; not only for the internal hospital milieu, but also in terms of the image of the hospital for the community and province. He served as Medical Center Chief for almost 14 years and it was during his term when budget increased from P 17 million in 1986 to P 167 million in 1999 where sophisticated equipments were installed like CT-Scan, Mammogram, Fundus Camera, Yag Laser, Argon Laser, Gas Sterilizer, Dialysis Machine, additional OR light, OR Tables, Anesthesia Machines, Electro Surgical Units, and other OR Machines, Operating Microscope, Colonoscope, Laparascopy set, Lithotriptor, Defibrillator, Cardioscope Monitor, Traction Machine, Xray Machines, Ultrasound, Blood Bank Refrigerator, DR equipment, ER equipment, Washing Machine and equipment in the ICU, NICU, FP and wards.

In terms of physical plant, a modern Three-Storey Maternity Building, Two-Storey Administration Building and Three-Storey Eye Center Building were constructed and the Ladies Dormitory Complex was reconstructed.

As far as manpower is concerned, additional 77 positions were approved by DBM and were filled-up. Training programs for residency in the Clinical Departments had been continued not only in-keeping with DOH goals but also with the private Specialty Boards. UERM PGIs, Medical Interns, Nursing, Radiotech and CEU Medical Technicians continued to affiliate with the hospital. His term was extended for six (6) month from September 23, 1999 to March 9, 2000 under a consultancy basis.

Dr. Glorifino M. Juan, Jr. from Baguio General Hospital replaced Dr. Morales. He stayed in this hospital from March 2000 to August 31, 2002. During his administration, he started to request for the use of income and made use of corporate practices in the hospital, enhancing revenue collections which were used in the purchase of needed equipment and in its operation and maintenance. Among the noted improvement during his stay were the transfer of the ER Department to the ground floor of the Eye Center Building, construction of Power House, Motor Pool, ER Ramp, 1st phase of Covered Walk, Repair of the Hospital Pharmacy, installation of two-units elevator and one Server Unit in preparation for the implementation of the supposed first module of DOH HOMIS program but had not been operationalized. Also, he was instrumental in the establishment of the Integrated Hospital Operations and  Management Program (IHOMP) Unit. Operating Room equipment like electro-cautery machine Laboratory equipment like centrifuge & binocular microscope, stretcher, mechanical beds and additional washing machine were among those procured during his time.

On September 1, 2000, Dr. Benito Arca of the San Lazaro Hospital was detailed in this Medical Center to replace Dr. Glorifino M. Juan, Jr. who was re-assigned to the Region I Medical Center, Dagupan City. Dr. Arca continued the implementation of all DOH programs and gave emphasis on the Systems Flow and Procedures. Also, during his time, he opted to consolidate once more the three (3) laboratory departments into one which were separated by Dr. Juan. The Clinical, Anatomic and Blood Bank become sections comprising the Laboratory Department. He stayed so briefly up to December 22, 2002 after which, he was succeeded by Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz.



The designation of Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz as Officer- In-Charge by the DOH took effect on December 23, 2002. Since he took over, the Revenue Enhancement Mechanism has been strengthened and the use of income has been maximized. The problem on the lack of manpower has been augmented by splitting of Medical Specialist positions and hiring of contractual workers. Paging System and Internet connections were installed which upgraded the communication system of the hospital. Various Equipments for OR, DR, ER, Wards, I.C.U. Ophthalmology, Laboratory, Radiology and other Equipment like Thorasic Suction Machine, Transvaginal Ultrasound, Biohazard Safety Cabinet, Infant Cardiac Monitor, Spectrometer, Resuscitator, Gastro scope, Colonoscopy, Isolette, Dialysis Stretcher Beds, Patient lifter, Volume Ventilator, Fetal Monitor and many more were included in the purchased equipment. The repair of the perimeter fence, repair of covered walk phase II – IV and ground improvement are noticeably remarkable. All of the expenditures taken from the Use of Income are programmed and approved by the Hospital Management Committee (MANCOM).

Collaboration with the Local Government Units and networking with other hospitals, non-government organizations and various sectors has also been strengthened. Along with the hospital services, it has continuously catered to public health programs, Medical Mission and Blood Letting Operations. Medical Mission has been extended by DR. PJGMRMC team not only within the province but to other provinces like Tarlac and Aurora, as well.  sonnel has always shown their best to handle patients averaging to 82% bed occupancy annually. It was in 2003 when the hospital was commended and ranked as No. 3 (among the government hospitals in the entire Luzon) next to Ilocos Training & Regional Medical Center and Bagiuo General Hospital & Medical Center. Others in the top ten hospitals were Bataan General Hospital, Bicol Medical Center, Mariano Marcos Memorial and Medical Center, Bicol Regional Teaching & Training Hospital, Cagayan Valley Medical Center, Region I Medical Center and Bicol Sanitarium.

On May 17, 2005, the DR. PJGMRMC was awarded commendation for being ranked as No. 2, next to Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital among all DOH Retained Hospitals in the VSS (BTL & Vasectomy) Accomplishment Report from January to March, 2005.

The DR. PJGMRMC, Cabanatuan City, celebrated its Diamond Anniversary on December 15, 2005. The 75th anniversary celebration was held at the Nueva Ecija High School (N.E.H.S) Gym which is just few meters away from the hospital. All Officers, Staff, and Guests were all in Filipiniana attire. The real life couple, Mr. Crispin “Jun” Jariel and Mrs. Elizabeth Jariel were awarded as the “Best Dressed Couple.”

There were several retired hospital officers and staff who attended the affair, among them were Dr. Manuel Yambao and Dr. Benjamin V. Morales, former Medical Center Chiefs; Dr. Donato I. Capule, former Chief of Medical Professional Staff; Mrs. Milagros S. Evangelista, former Chief Nurse; and Mrs. Gloria Aguilar, former Assistant Chief Nurse. Other retirees who were present were Dr. Edwin Argonza, Dr. Concepcion Argonza, Placida Bautista, Jovita Cabrera, Juliana Encarnacion, Estelita Centeno, Timoteo Garcia, Glenda Maglaya, Baylon Timbreza, Rosario Timbreza, Leonora Juan, Leticia Enano, Antonio Manabat, and Mario Bitangcol. The highlight of the celebration was the giving of the special recognition to the retirees.

The Guests of Honor were Hon. Tomas N. Joson III, Governor of Nueva Ecija, Dr. Ethelyn P. Nieto, former Undersecretary of Health, and the then Center for Health Development 3 (CHD3). Other officers who attended were Dr. Jesus Canto, Chief of Hospital of Region I Medical Center; Dr. Cirilo Galindez of the Veterans Regional Hospital; Dr. Emmanuel Acluba of the Cagayan Valley Medical Center; and Dr. Venancio Banzon of Jose B. Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital in San Fernando City, Pampanga.


Other significant events from CY 2005 to date were  the following:

1. Upgrading of the hospital facilities like:

1.1 Establishment of the Operation Center (OPCEN) for the Health Emergency Service and  repair and Renovation of Emergency Department; Asec. Elmer Punzalan of the DOH graced the opening and blessing of the OPCEN;

1.2 Construction of Watcher’s Area at the Out-Patient Department and Medical Social Service Area in CY 2006 with the presence of Usec. Ethelyn Nieto;


2.1 . Presidential Award (November 22, 2006) - for making a difference in the improvement of Health Care in the province. Specialized areas of hospital management showed measurable results of improvement and faster service. It developed people as knowledge-based workers and shared skills and technology with others;

2.2. Newborn Facility in Compliance with Republic Act 9288 by National Institute of Health (March 1, 2006)

2.3. “Best Hospital Practices Award” (November 25, 2007) - “Hospitals: Accelerating Response to Emergency Challenges.”

2.4. Community Service Award (November 26, 2008) - Hospitals in a Transforming Health Care Environment: “Taking the Big Leap”

2.5. Best Government Tertiary Hospital in Region III (February 25, 2009)


On May 20-22, 2009, Dr. PJGMRMC hosted the 2nd DOH3 Sportsfest where most of the events were held at the College of Immaculate Concepcion (CIC) Covered Court, Cabanatuan City. Other events were held as follows: Miss Friendship at Ma. Assumpta Seminary, Bowling at Manrio Hotel, and Basketball at Acropolis North. The opening ceremony was attended by Asec. Gerardo V. Bayugo, Head of the DOH North and Central Cluster. The Sportsfest was a successful affair, participated in by the delegates from Center of Health Development 3 of San Fernando, Pampanga headed by Dr. Rio L. Magpantay, Regional Director IV; Jose B. Lingad Memorial Medical Center of San Fernando, Pampanga headed by Dr. Venancio Banzon; Bataan Provincial Hospital of Balanga headed by Dr. Glory Baltazar; Mariveles Mental Hospital of Bataan headed by Dr. Lourdes Evangelista; and of course the delegation of the Host Team, Dr. PJGMRMC and its extension, Talavera Extension Hospital, headed by Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz and Dr. Vicente Z. Cruz, Jr., respectively;

July 1, 2009 was the first year of the four tranches of the modified Salary Schedule for civilian personnel and military and uniformed personnel. The implementation covered Calendar Years 2009 to 2012, as provided for under National Budget Circular No. 521 dated July 1, 2009 that prescribed the guidelines, rules and regulations governing the implementation of Senate and House of Representatives Joint Resolution No. 4 and Executive Order No. 811, as approved by the President on June 17, 2009. There was a yearly provision of increases and the fourth tranche were received by personnel on 2012.

On December 15, 2010, the Officers and Staff of Dr. PJGMRMC celebrated its 80th Founding Anniversary at the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST), which is located in front of the hospital. The motif was 1970’s retro. Evangeline P. Ruanto, Ph.D, Mrs. Dina M. Medina, and Mr. Melquiadez Perez were awarded “Best Dressed for the Occasion.” The highlight of the event was the granting of service awards to retirees: Dr. Edna Ponce, Medical Specialist III and Mrs. Ellen Ferry, Administrative Aide IV. The affair was attended by some hospital retirees namely: Leticia Enano, Antonia Manabat, Alejandra Gamboa, Mario Abergas, and Dalisay Silva. The special guests from the Department of Health were Hon. Teodoro Herbosa, DOH Undersecretary; Dr. Rio L. Magpantay, CHD3 Director; and Dr. Venancio Banzon of J.B. Lingad Memorial Medical Center. The Local Government Officials who were present to grace the occasion were Hon. Aurelio M. Umali, Provincial Governor, who awarded a certain amount of money for raffles of the attendees; and Hon. Anthony M. Umali, Board Member.

Other significant events from CY 2010 to date were the following:

1. This hospital was a recipient of DOH Modernization program that led to the Construction of OR-DR Critical Care Unit - the blessing and opening was on February 22, 2010 and was attended by Hon. David Lozada, Jr., Undersecretary of the DOH; Dr. Rio Magpantay, CHD3 Regional Director; Dr. Criselda G. Abesamis, Director IV- National Center for Health Facility and Development; Architect Ma. Rebecca M. Penafiel, Director III - National Center for Health Facility and Development;

2. In 2010, all the affiliated schools of Dr. PJGMRMC decided to donate a Hospital Information System named Bizbox. The system was installed and the hospital purchased all the computers needed for the system. Trainings were conducted for the end-users. In 2012, the system installed was fully -operational up to present.

3. Dr. PJGMRMC in cooperation with the Kythe Foundation - registered as a non-stock, non-profit corporation, was set up in the hospital in December 10, 2010. It aims to address the psychosocial needs of chronically ill pediatric patients, with the primary objectives of helping the child cope with the stress and anxiety of his/her hospital experiences, and to

    promote the child’s normal growth and development. The KYTHE Foundation Program was then headed by Dr. Cynthia P. Daniel, the Head of Pediatrics Department, and Dhie T. Aguilar, Child Life Coordinator.

4. The Research Committee conducted Paper Case Presentation, as well as the Research Contest yearly headed by Dr. Jovi S. Flauta-Orio, Dr. Rene Francisco, and Dr. Angelo Rainerio De Guzman. Contestants were residents from the different department of the Medical Division. Meanwhile, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology participates in the annual Research and Interesting Case presentation of FPOGS for Central Luzon. They also won in some of their cases.

5. The Medical Mission Team started on March 15, 2011 at Bakod Bayan Cabanatuan City with Dr. Elmer Cayari as Chairman and Ms. Margie Rivera as Vice Chairman. These cover towns and barangays of Nueva Ecija, Baler, Dingalan, and Casiguran, Aurora Province, Bulacan, Tarlac and Pampanga. As of now, their activity is still on-going, assisting those areas who are in need of their services.

6. On June 2011, the hospital was granted accreditation as Training Center for the Basic Emergency Obstetrics and Newborn Care (BEmONC) Skills Training Course. The BEmONC Training Staff is composed of Dr. Imelda M. Sanchez as Chairperson; Dr. Reinalissa B. Enrile as Co-Chair; Dr. Alona E. Pagtalunan, Mrs. Anna Lyn C. Sapirain, and Mrs. Victoria A. De Leon, as members. The first members of the secretariat were Ms. Clarissa Joy A. Burnot and Ms. Anna Frances V. Petillo who were succeeded by Ms. Ma. Zeycel Roxanne S. Dasig and Ms. Abegail May SP. Osorio.

7. On October 1, 2012, Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz was finally appointed as the Medical Center Chief after a decade of being Officer-in-Charge of the Dr. PJGMRMC;

8. Also, on October, 2012, the first tranche of new additional positions for the hospital was released, as part of the implementation of the approved Revised Organization and Staffing Standards for Government Hospitals. It was a four-tranche project. During the first year, there were 166 positions, on the second year, there were 199, on the third, 243 were released to this hospital, and on the last tranche, 243 or a total of 867 additional positions. The filling-up of positions for the last tranche is still on-going. Out of this number, many positions remain to be unfilled, mostly doctor positions. However, there are positions that need to be abolished once vacated, like Administrative Aide I, Nursing Attendant I, Laboratory Aide I, Security Guard, and Engineer I, among others. The increase in the number of personnel in the various areas, has positively contributed to improved services in the hospital in its entirety.

9. Several Health Facility Enhancement Program (HFEP) projects were allotted by DOH to this hospital, like the Construction of Fire Safety and Protection Project, Sewage Treatment Plant, Repair of Dietary, Chapel and Provision of Auditorium, Upgrading and Completion of Electrical System and Various Repairs, like the Repair of Hospital Dormitory, Chief Adm. Officer Quarters, Laundry and Linen, and Radiology Building and Roof Deck.

10. Also, there were various repairs of the hospital facilities that were sourced out from the hospital income in as much as its income remarkably increased since Calendar Year 2012 due to increase in Philhealth collections.

11. The increase of the hospital income also led to the purchase of some sophisticated equipment which were necessary to uplift its services, like Operating Microscope Neurosurgery, Operating Microscope Ophthalmology, and other Neurosurgery Instruments;

12. On December 19, 2012, the newly built Dietary Section, Chapel, and Auditorium were inaugurated which attended by Asec. Geraldo Bayugo of the DOH Central Office; Dr. Leonita Gorgolon, CHD3 Regional Director; and other guests from CHD3 and Region III Hospitals. The blessing was led by the Hospital Chaplain Fr. Joey Alto. Again, this building marked another milestone in quest for excellence in the healthcare delivery system and an excellent achievement of the Medical Center Chief, Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz and the hospital staff.

13. On March 23, 2013, the hospital conducted the first graduation ceremony for the Medical Resident Trainees from CY 2007 to CY 2013. This was done through the initiative of the CY 2012-2013 Officers of the Medical Officers Organization composed of Dr. Coleen Faustino, Dr. Paulo Castillo, and Dr. Adonis De Leon of Department of Pathology as the nominated president.

14. On June 29, 2013, the former New Payward was converted into PhilHealth Ward. With this turn of event, the number of PhilHealth patients increased.

15. The hospital also participated in the Inter-Color Basketball Games, as well as the Inter-department basketball competition 2012-2013.

16. To foster better working relationships among employees and to bring out camaraderie, PJG celebrated National Hospital Month through games participated by hospital personnel. These were: Larong Pinoy on Aug. 9, 2010; Apps Games on Aug. 13, 2011; and Minion Games on Aug. 14, 2013. The games were joined by employees from Administrative, Nursing, and Medical Divisions. The team leaders were selected among the Medical Department Heads with 40 players in each team.

17. As of June 2013, PJG has conducted 13 batches of trainings that produced 96 BEmONC Teams from different Rural Health Units and hospitals in Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, and Aurora. Each team was composed of one physician, a nurse, and a midwife.


18.1.“Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital” as recognized by DOH (July 15, 2013)

18.2 Plaque of Recognition to Dr. PJGMRMC for the implementation of Exclusive Breastfeeding in the hospital (January 29, 2013)

- “Central Luzon Excellence Awards for Health”

18.3. Plaque of Recognition to Dr. PJGMRMC for the implementation of Exclusive Breastfeeding in the hospital HEMS (October 18, 2012)

18.4. Certificate of Appreciation for the invaluable support and assistance extended to the activities of the Parish making the feast of St. Nicholas of Tolentine memorable and meaningful (September 4, 2013)

18.5. Anti-smoking Advocacy Award by DOH: CY 2011- Pink Orchid Award (Second Placer); CY 2012- Red Orchid Award (First Placer); and CY 2013- Red Orchid Award (First Placer)

18.6. Dr. PJGMRMC was adjudged by the DOH under “Better Category” for the availment of Performance Based Bonus for the year 2012, paving way for the hospital staff to receive additional bonus each of either P10,000.00, P15,000.00 or P25,000.00 depending on their individual performances.

19. With the ISO accreditation of the DOH, the Dr. PJGMRMC also accepted the challenge to work for its ISO 9001:2008 Certification. The Kick-off Ceremony towards the ISO Journey was held on December 19, 2012. The management selected Great Leap Training and Consultancy Services Inc. to assist in the various ISO activities. With the newly designated ISO Core Team and the approval of the EXECOM, hospital’s quality policy was formulated and mission and vision were revisited and revised as follows:



The Dr. Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center is committed to deliver quality health services through compassionate, caring, and competent health care personnel to all sectors of the society; and to provide the highest standards for training and research through teaching and excellent practice.


Dr. PJGMRMC as the leader in quality health care services, training, and research in Central Luzon.


The Dr. PJGMRMC, as the leading hospital in Central Luzon, is committed to guarantee equitable, affordable, accessible, and quality health services to all. This is achieved by continually improving its quality management system in compliance to all statutory and regulatory requirements to the satisfaction of its clients.

The whole ISO Core Team consists of the following:

I. EXECOM members headed by Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz - Medical Center Chief II, Dr. Jose Ravinar J. Austria – Chief Medical Professional Staff (who replaced Dr. Allan J. Sanchez), Evangeline P. Ruanto – Chief Administrative Officer, Pinky Miriam D. Canlas – Chief Nurse, and Shiela V. Magat – Finance and Management Officer. The QMR is Dr. Imelda M. Sanchez – Hospital Training Officer and the Deputy QMR is Ma. Victoria A. Macaso – Training Assistant.

II. Workplace and Organization Committee is composed of Bernardina Tumibay as Chairperson and Engr. Philip Dasalla, Juanita Mariano, Ana Liza Castro, Armel Capule, and Amelia Cruz as members.

III. The Training and Education Committee is chaired by Nilda Pascual and its members are: Patricia Tuazon, Cecille Narag, Christian Manuel Ramos (who replaced Virgilio Algoso) and August Joy Dela Cruz.

IV. The Documents and Records Control Committee is chaired by Dr. Mary Ann Dela Cruz and its members are: Segundina Medina, Rowena Combe, Cherry Pascual, Aniceta Dela Cruz, Bernard Pamulagan, Maria Mapili, Eric Tuazon and Emmanuel Nery.

V. The Internal Quality Audit Committee is chaired by Dr. Andrew Mangiduyos and its members are: Dr. Gil Suratos, Dr. Alona Pagtalunan, Marilou Pascual, Serenida Valerio, Yolanda Lazaro, Jocelyn Lacsina, and Rizalin Bautista.

The ISO journey had materialized that the hospital was awarded its ISO Certification 9001: 2008 on February 12, 2014 and was renewed on March 11, 2015.

DR. PJGMRMC celebrated its 85th founding anniversary on December 15, 2015 and PJG employees simultaneously hold their traditional Christmas Party on same date. It was a double celebration and a whole day affair.

The EXECOM and members of the Anniversary Committee agreed to celebrate these two events with the Theme: “Sama-Samang Naglilingkod sa Serbisyong De-Kalidad . . . Noon, Ngayon at Magpakailanman”.

The celebration started at 8:00 A.M. with a Holy Mass at the Hospital Auditorium followed by Flag Raising Ceremony at the same venue after which gift items in the form of groceries were distributed to each employee, to include regular, job order workers and trainees.  The other venue for the affair was at the Wesleyan University-Philippines gymnasium. The program started at 4:00 P.M. The Honorable Janette Loreto-Garin, DOH Secretary was expected to grace the occasion as Guest of Honor in the afternoon celebration. However, due to earlier commitment, she was not able to attend. Officers from the Philippine Medical Association, National Office were able to attend the occasion.

There were three major reasons for the celebration, namely: first was the launching of the “Awit ng PJG” by the PJG Chorale. This now serve as the official PJG Hymn. The lyrics was composed by Evangeline P. Ruanto and the melody and musical arrangement were thru the courtesy of Ruby Rosale, Chief Administrative Officer and Nurse II, respectively of this hospital; secondly, the “PJG Vital Signs” Newsletter was simultaneously launched and members of the Editorial Staff released copies of its maiden issue. It serves as the official PJG Newsletter. Its objectives are to document events, create awareness about DOH programs, and highlight hospital service orientation. It shall release quarterly issues, and; thirdly, the PJG symbol was also launched representing the institution itself.

Another highlight of the affair was the recognition of loyalty awardees among the officers and employees of the hospital who have served the government from thirty years and above. All in all, there were fifty five (55) recipients, out of which there were four personnel who are above forty years of service, namely; Victoria De Leon - 42 years, Carlito Wycoco – 42 years, Delfin Bicera - 43 years and Evangeline P. Ruanto – 43 years. Certificate of Recognition were given to them and were awarded by the EXECOM members headed by Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz.

The 85th Founding Anniversary and Christmas Program Committee was composed of the following: Dr.Huberto F. Lapuz as the Honorary Chair with Evangeline Ruanto and Pinky Canlas as the Chair and Co- Chair, respectively, and members are: Dr. Jose Ravinar J. Austria, Dr. Imelda M. Sanchez, Dr. Mary Ann V. Dela Cruz, Shiela V. Magat, Ana Liza C. Castro, Marilou L. Pascual, Dr. Andrew Mangiduyos, Dr. Lordel Ariola, Dr. Noel Maducdoc, Dr. Lord Ivan Manangbao, Segundina M. Medina & HRMO Staff, Josie G. Lacsina, Nilda B. Pascual, Brijida Charizma Navarro & IHOMP Staff, Rodigilio Emmanuel Nery, Eric Tuazon, Alvin Liwag, Engr. Phillip N. Dasalla, Engr. Ronilo Medina & Engineering & Facility The Vital Signs Newsletter Editorial Staff are as follows: Dr. Jorge Dela Cruz as Editor-in-Chief, with members: Brijida Charizma Navarro, Rosario Ann Bernabe, Nesley Mateo, Jan Christian Reyes, Reina Micah Castillo, Kirstie Anne-Gelle Cajucom, Nixon Lopez, Alnor King, Glenn Joel Gutierrez and Josefa Hermocilla. Advisers composed of Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz, Dr. Mary Ann V. Dela Cruz and Evangeline P. Ruanto.

The Committee on Souvenir Program is composed of Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz as the Honorary Chair and Dr. Imelda M. Sanchez and Dr. Sonia D. Domingo as Chair and Co-Chair respectively, and with the following members: Brigida Charisma Navarro, Shiela V. Magat, Ana Liza C. Castro, Dr. Rene H. Franciso, Dr. Sergio Andres, Bernardina A. Tumibay, Segundina M. Medina, Marilou L. Pascual, Ma. Victoria Macaso, Ma. Zeycel Roxanne S. Dasig, Beltrand Russel C. Dysangco, Emmanuel Rodigilio C. Nery, Marlon Balmeo, Alvin M. Barawid, and Glenn B. Castro with Evangeline P. Ruanto as Adviser.

Chiefs of Hospital from Past to Present


1930 – 1936                 -Dr. Facundo Esquivel

1936 – 1942                 -Dr. Elpidio Ysip

1942 – 1945                -Dr. Simeon Teopaco

Mar. 1945 – Dec. 1945             -Dr. Ceferino De Leon

1946 – 1955                -Dr. Arsenio B. Morales

1955 – 1956                 -Dr. Cipriano Abaya

1956 – 1977                 -Dr. Emiliano M. Perez, Sr.

1977 – 1979                 -Dr. Briccio Y. Pobre

1979                     -Dr. Romeo Vergara (OIC)

1979 – 1986                 -Dr. Manuel L. Yambao

1986 – Mar. 22, 2000             -Dr. Benjamin V. Morales

Mar. 23, 2000 - Aug. 31, 2002         -Dr. Glorifino M. Juan, Jr.

Sept. 1, 2002 – Dec. 22, 2002         -Dr. Benito F. Arca (OIC)

Dec. 23, 2002 - present             -Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz

(Medical Center Chief II)


Present Times

    Last February 4, 2016, the Medical Center bagged awards during the 4th Central Luzon Excellence Awards for Health 2015 held in Holiday Inn, Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga.  The DOH Regional Office III recognized the exemplary quality health care service delivered by Dr.PJGMRMC in support of the Millennium Development Goals, Universal Health Care (Kalusugan Pangkalahatan) and High Impact Five Program 2015.

The awards we received then were:


Best Government Hospital Disease Reporting Unit,

Blood Service Facility with Highest Percentage of Repeated Voluntary Non-remunerated Donors,

Most Organized Health Emergency and Disaster Response Activity and Functional Health Emergency Management System (HEMS) Unit (Hospital),

Exceptional and remarkable efforts that contributed to the country’s successful hosting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit 2015,

DOH-Designated Newborn Screening (NBS) Training Facility,

DOH-Designated Basic Emergency Obstetric and New Born Care (BEmONC) Training Center.


By November of the same year, the Medical Center received a Runner-up award in Infection Prevention and Control Implementation among hospitals in the country. Dr. Jose Ravinar Austria, the CMPS, and Dr. Imelda M. Sanchez, Chief Training Officer, received the award in Manila Hotel during the PHA 67th Annual Convention.  Dr. Wilfredo C. Corpuz is the current chair of the hospital’s Infection Control Committee.  Also, we were hailed with 2016 “Gawad Kalasag”: Search for Excellence in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) and Humanitarian Assistance award.    DOH-RO3 also recognized us as the hospital with “The Most Number of Reported Acute Flaccid Paralysis” as well as a top performing hospital in “Event-Based Surveillance and Response” for the year 2016.

By February 9, 2017, the Medical Center, thru the able leadership of Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz, received 5 awards at the Central Luzon Excellence Awards for 2016 which was held in Royce Hotel, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga.

Among the awards we received were:





  • HIV and AIDS Treatment Hub “Sanctuario de Paulino”


Accreditation of Family Medicine and Sanctuario De Paulino

Last December 4, 2015, Irmina Concepcion C. Beltran, MD, FPAFP led the accreditation process undergoneby  the  Department  of  Family  and  Community  Medicine.  This  endeavor  was  incompliance  with  Department  of  Health  order  Number  2013:  4453  which  mandates the availability of trainings and other relevant strategies that will better equip family physicians who can provide quality health care that can address the common health problems  of  families  and  communities.  Last December 4,  2015,  the  Philippine Academy  of  Family  Physicians  visited  the  Department  and  then  granted  us accreditation  status  on  February  17,  2016.  The said department, through the concerted effort of its staff, designed and developed a competency­based residency training curriculum that utilized multiple learning strategies for residents.  The curriculum is divided into themed modules delivered on a specific time frame.  

Aside from giving primary health care to outpatients, ER cases and Dr. PJGMRMC employees,  Family  Med  is  also  involved  with  extending  care  to  the  community  of Barlis, Cabanatuan City.

Last January 25, 2017, Sanctuario de Paulino has been officially recognized as the new DOH-designated HIV/AIDS Treatment Hub in Region 3.

   Preparation to validation started in 2016 when members of the HIV and AIDS Core Team (HACT) underwent several trainings provided by the Department of Health Region 3 office.  The hub was previously assigned under the LEAD Shelter of James Gordon Memorial Hospital in Olongapo City who provided the anti-retroviral medication and initial validation last year.  Temporarily, the old nursing library near the Old Pay Building houses the treatment hub which is open from Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM.

   Services offered by Sanctuarion de Paulino include pre-test counseling, HIV, Hepatitis B and syphilis screening, post-test counseling, provision of anti-retroviral drugs, and management of opportunistic infections.  All services are free of charge and confidential.

   Sanctuario de Paulino is the HIV/AIDS Treatment Hub of Dr. Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center.  It is being operated by the HACT headed by Dr. Lailanie M. Gustilo (MS 3 and Training Officer, Department of Family and Community Medicine) and hub nurse Ms. Kaycee Lyn Siwa.  Other members of the HACT are: Dr. Lord Ivan Manangbao (MO4, Internal Medicine), Dr. Albert Tanwani (MO3, Internal Medicine), Dr. Rochelle Castillo (MO3, OB-Gyn), Dr. Mylene Villarosa (MO3, Family and Community Medicine), Dr. Jomar W. Javier (MO3, Family and Community Medicine), Dr. Danny Boy Bergonio (MO4, Surgery), Dr. Leah Cruz-Besa (MO4, Pediatrics)  Rosie Maganto (Nurse 3, OPD), Prima Aguilar (Nurse 3, Male Medicine Ward), Aira Mae Canlas (Nurse 3, ER), Maricel Aguilar (Med Tech 3), Jean Arriane Pronto (Med Tech 3), Reina Elizabeth de Guzman (Pharmacist), Frederick Mercado (Psychologist), Rizalin Bautista (Dietician), and Maribel Dacanay (Med Social Worker).         

  Future plans of the HACT include full renovation of the treatment hub according to the DOH standards, HIV orientation and awareness of employees, community awareness on HIV, continuous medical education and training of HACT members, and transfer to permanent hub location in the new 8-storey OPD Building.


Dr. PJGMRMC is now ISO 9001:2015 Certified

    Last March 4, 2017, The Dr. Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center passed another international recognition as it upgraded to ISO 9001:2015.  The Medical Center successfully nailed the audit held last March 4, 2017 by the International Standards Certifications (ISC).  This shows our strong commitment for international quality management standards.