The Professional Education, Training and Research Office (PETRO) ensures the proper consolidation and coordination of all personnel professional education, training and research activities.

The hospital offers Accredited Residency Training and Post graduate Medical Internship programs.

The hospital is affiliated with different universities serving as their base hospital for students in Nursing, Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Radiology Technology and Physical Therapy.

The office was originally known as Hospital Training Office (HTO). It was formally established in September 13, 2013. By virtue of Hospital Order 2018-0002 dated January 24, 2018, the hospital training office was renamed as the Professional Education, Training and Research Office (PETRO).

The hospital is a PRC-CPD provider since July 24, 2018.



To provide the highest standard of training and research through teaching and excellent practice.



To gain recognition as globally competitive Training Center for Healthcare Services and Research Institute in Central Luzon.